Welcome to Fanscope


Fanscope is a revolutionary platform designed to empower creators and their communities. We provide a comprehensive suite of tools that enable creators to build and monetise their content while engaging with fans in a decentralised, community-driven environment. Our mission is to create a sustainable, rewarding system where both creators and fans can thrive.

What is Fanscope?

Fanscope is an all-in-one platform that helps creators launch their own digital nodes, complete with essential tools for building and nurturing their communities. These tools include token creation, NFT minting, a marketplace, and more. Fans can support their favorite creators by purchasing Orbs, earning tokens, and participating in community activities.

Key Features

1. Creator Nodes: Each creator on Fanscope can establish a node that serves as their digital hub. This includes their profile, social links, bio, store, liquidity pool, announcement feeds and more.

2. Tokens and NFTs: Creators can issue their own tokens (standard ERC20 contracts) and NFTs (standard ERC1155 contracts). These digital assets can be used within the Fanscope ecosystem for various purposes, such as purchasing digital and physical merchandise, accessing gated content, and more.

3. Community Engagement: Fans can buy creator tokens for purchases at the store, for products, memberships, exclusive access areas an more. They can also link their social accounts (Google, Spotify, Twitter, Discord) for greater personalisation and participate in community activities to to support creators.

4. Gated Content: Creators can offer exclusive content to their most loyal fans, accessible through presence of determined NFT in the wallet.

5. Integrated Economy: Fanscope features a comprehensive tokenomics model and tools to support creators and fans engagement.

Our Vision

Fanscope aims to redefine the relationship between creators and fans by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. We envision a world where creators have full control over their digital assets and fan interactions, and where fans are rewarded for their loyalty and engagement.

Getting Started

Whether you’re a creator looking to build your digital empire or a fan wanting to support your favorite artists, Fanscope has something for you. Explore our documentation to learn more about how to get started, set up your node, mint tokens and NFTs, and engage with the community.

Join the Revolution

Be part of the next big thing in the creator economy. Join Fanscope today and help us build a better, more equitable digital future.

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